Huxelerate Performance Estimator
know how much faster your code can be

Huxelerate Performance Estimator is the tool that estimates attainable performance and cost-efficiency on CPU, GPU and FPGA to help users to select the best hardware device for their needs.

Code profiling happens locally on your laptop via docker containers: Huxelerate never accesses your code

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What you will get

1. Roofline Model Comparison

A visual representation of attainable performance on a set of architectures that allows to identify the most performant one for your needs.

2. Memory Bottlenecks Comparison

A visual representation highlighting the most stringent memory bottlenecks preventing full performance.

3. Memory Hierarchy Details

Visual representation of bandwidth utilization per each memory hierarchy.

4. Instructions Mix Details

Utilization percentage of each functional unit or hardware resource, highlighting the most frequent operations and optimization opportunities.

Huxelerate Performance Estimator:
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Huxelerate will never get access to your code