Make every computation

We provide a fast and efficient solution for each computational problem

  • Huxelerate envisions a unified approach to software-hardware development
  • Huxelerate allows to easily exploit the most efficient hardware architecture for each computational problem
  • Huxelerate enables to approach hardware development with the ease of software development

Data is growing exponentially but our ability to process them with general purpose processors is limited.

Today we are entering in a New Golden Age for Computer Architecture
(Hennessy and Patterson – 2017 ACM A.M.Turing Award Recipients)

Dedicated hardware architectures are the solution to close the gap between available data and computing power, as they provide higher efficiency by tailoring the architecture to the characteristics of the domain. However, such solutions are generally very complex, requiring highly specialized expensive skills and several months of development.

HUxelerate provides a fast and efficient solution for each computational problem. Huxelerate technology is based on a proprietary software layer that allows every professional user to easily obtain an extremely efficient dedicated architecture for each computational problem.

A wide range of different applications: Huxelerate technology can be applied to different domains

  • Autonomous driving cars
  • Finance
  • Big data analytics
  • Genomics and personalized medicine

Our product


Huxelerate for personalized medicine

Boosting genomic data analysis

Hugenomic opens new frontiers in the fight against oncological diseases and in the research of innovative treatments, thanks to a proprietary technology that enables data analyses so far considered infeasible or too expensive.

Hugenomic provides the results of complex genomic analyses, which so far required several months, in just a few days. The technology of Hugenomic can be applied to different fields, such as oncological immunotherapy, prenatal genetic test, research and development of new personalized drugs.

Discover how we are revolutionizing the genomics field

Advances in the field of genomics over the past quarter-century have led to substantial reductions in the cost of genome sequencing. Everyday terabytes of data are generated by sequencing machines that results in huge processing time for obtaining genomic analyses results. Hugenomic allows researchers, clinicians and scientists to speed up the process of genome assembly and genomic analysis. With Hugenomic, DNA and RNA analysis results can be obtained up to 2000 times faster than with traditional systems.

genomic pipeline




The most used open-source applications already accelerated and ready to be used



Exploit Hugenomic accelerated functions to boost custom applications

Development Platform

Development Platform

Create your own accelerated functions and applications

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