Huxelerate is reducing the total product costs of your
Software-Defined Vehicle

Use the Huxelerate software development platform before, during, and after the vehicle production process in a fully virtual environment to test and optimize your vehicle system performance.

Minimize costs of development

Reduce time to market

Increase service revenue stream

In only a few minutes, simulate the performance of your vehicle system in a fully virtualized environment and receive optimization directives

Optimize your code as you write by gaining details on execution times, resource and memory usage, and timing requirements violations

Use Huxelerate for your performance analysis together with most-used functional testing solutions, in compliance with main industry standards.

Benefits that span a lifetime:
Before production
Assessment to optimize and simplify the E/E architecture

Provide data on achievable performance and resource usage to optimally size E/E architecture.

Immediately generate data to benchmark different suppliers and discover timing and resource issues.

During production
Increased system capabilities and performance

Test and optimize execution time, resource consumption, memory usage and timing violation constraints of all vehicle functions, including third-party integrations.

Post production
Augmented vehicle lifetime

Continuously update and optimize software functions, with no need to upgrade the vehicle architecture.

Huxelerate is redefining the standard of Vehicle Software Development:
  • Enables an automatic performance analysis and generation of optimization directives with no need to execute on target hardware, drastically reducing time and resources needed.
  • Patented technology that virtually reproduces all target processor components with the highest level of accuracy.
  • Proven < 5% error rate by comparing Huxelerate Platform results to data from real executions on target

From source code to performance analysis of your entire system in < 7 minutes

Optimization directives identifies in < 1 minutes

Up to 60% of resources saved

The new automotive era is here. Don't get left behind.
Choose Huxelerate to start your Software Defined Vehicle journey.