Development Platform

A unique paradigm for computing on heterogenous architectures

Huxelerate removes programmability barriers by abstracting all the complexity of programming advanced computing architectures while allowing to:

  • Achieve top class performance
  • Obtain an optimal power consumption
  • Deploy over different computing environments:
    cloud, on-premise, edge, embedded
  • Easily modify and update the solution overtime

Huxelerate techonology

Almost no code modifications needed

Automatic code optimization can generally lead to severe inefficiencies, requiring complex code modifications.

With Huxelerate application developers are not asked to do any code modifications, they just need to specify at the very beginning their computation in an intuitive way using our high-level language.

Huxelerate will take care of the rest.

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Hardware agnostic

Our acceleration experience is completely hardware agnostic for the user. Application developers do not need any hardware expertise, Huxelerate does the heavy lifting:

  1. Automatically estimates achievable performance on different target architectures among CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs and selects the one that mostly fit users' requirements
  2. Automatically optimizes and creates the high-performance implementation on target architectures

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