Huxelerate Standard Library

Boost your applications with ready to use accelerated functions

Huxelerate Standard Library provides a suite of accelerated functions that solves the most common computational bottlenecks in data intensive domains such as genomics, drug design and finance.

The accelerated functions can be integrated in your data analysis application allowing to gain order of magnitute in performance and drastically cut development effort:

  • You call them in your code with no hardware expertise
  • We do the heavy lifting by automatically running them on domain specific architectures

Sequence Aligner

Huxelerate sequence aligner computes a similarity measure of two text sequences or subsequences and identifies the best way to align them according to a user-defined scoring scheme.

The function perform an accelerated version of Smith-Waterman and Needleman–Wunsch alignment algorithms, computational bottlenecks in bioinformatic which find applications also in computer security and text analysis.

up to 850x speedup

Signal Aligner

Huxelerate signal aligner computes a similarity measure across two time series which may vary in speed.

The function implements an accelerated version of the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm, a computational bottleneck for signal classification and recognition tasks. Example applications involve genome sequencing and analysis with nanopore technology, connected health with ECG-based diagnostic and humanized machines with speech recognition.

up to 1300x speedup

up to 850x speedup

up to 1300x speedup

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