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Boost your data analysis with Huxelerate applications

Thanks to our collaborations with global research centers and companies, Huxelerate technology is integrated into data analysis applications to cut off processing time and cost

Applications are designed for all those types of users who need a ready-to-use solution which allows them to fully focus on science and to forget all the programming issues.

We also target the most used open-source applications by the scientific community and bring to the market accelerated, drop-in replacements of such applications.

Huxelerate technology can be applied to different domains

  • Autonomous driving cars
  • Finance
  • Big data analytics
  • Genomics and personalized medicine

Huxelerate for personalized medicine

Discover our latest application for fast analysis of nanopore data

Hugenomic Nanopolish

Enables ultra-fast signal-level analysis of large datasets of Oxford Nanopore Sequencing data. The software is based on Nanopolish and can calculate an improved consensus sequence for a draft genome assembly, detect base modifications, call SNPs and indels with respect to a reference genome and more.

Easily access Huxelerate Hugenomic Nanopolish on AWS cloud.

How we are revolutionizing the genomics field

Hugenomic opens new frontiers in the fight against oncological diseases and in the research of innovative treatments, thanks to a proprietary technology that enables data analyses so far considered infeasible or too expensive.

Hugenomic provides the results of complex genomic analyses, which so far required several months, in just a few days. The technology of Hugenomic can be applied to different fields, such as oncological immunotherapy, prenatal genetic test, research and development of new personalized drugs.

Advances in the field of genomics over the past quarter-century have led to substantial reductions in the cost of genome sequencing. Everyday terabytes of data are generated by sequencing machines that results in huge processing time for obtaining genomic analyses results. Hugenomic allows researchers, clinicians and scientists to speed up the process of genome assembly and genomic analysis. With Hugenomic, DNA and RNA analysis results can be obtained up to 2000 times faster than with traditional systems.

genomic pipeline